Grandparents Day is September 9

Today is Grandparents Day! In 1969, Russell Capper wrote to President Nixon suggesting a holiday to honor grandparents. Grandparents Day didn’t become a national holiday until 1978, when President Carter signed the proclamation. If it weren’t for Russell’s idea and the help of some persistent senators we wouldn’t have this day to celebrate all the contributions made by grandparents!  Here are some unique ways to celebrate grandparents at your school:

  • Invite parents, teachers and community members to join PTA in honor of a grandparent who has impacted their life
  • Host an event like “Games with Grandparents” where students can bring a grandparent or a special senior in their life to school. Have board games set up in the MPR or a classroom that they can play together
  • Ask grandparents to come read to the children at your school and give them a bookmark made by the students as a thank you gift
  • Have a “Senior” Prom where you invite grandparents to school for a dance. Play oldies music so that the grandparents can show off their dance moves. We promise that everyone — old and young — will have a swell time!