California State PTA Convention Commission and You


ConventionCommissionEach year, PTA members and leaders from every corner of California gather for our association’s annual convention. It’s an important opportunity to meet and learn from each other, come together to conduct the vital business of our association, and be inspired to continue the work we each do. 

The Convention Commission works with the California State PTA Board of Directors and staff on every facet of the event – from registration to evaluation, from setting up the venue to clean-up, and from creating the schedule to seeing that every session goes smoothly. 

Convention is somewhat different each year, but it always includes: 

  • Workshops and trainings for both new and experienced PTA leaders
  • Inspirational keynote speakers
  • An exhibit of the student work recognized in our Reflections Art Program
  • Booths featuring exhibitors that provide programs and services to local PTAs
  • The chance to meet your counterparts from other parts of the state
  • And much, much more.

Watch the California State PTA Convention page and social media for more information.

The Convention Commission for the 2021-23 term consists of the Vice President and 10 members of the California State PTA Board of Managers.