PTA in California: Your Stories, Your Kind of PTA

Each issue of PTA in California brings a wealth of news and information to PTA leaders and members.

We hope you enjoy the February 2023 edition of PTA in California. As you read through this issue of PTA in California, you will be impressed by the great work PTA members have done on behalf of all children for more than 125 years. You are part of this legacy and continue its work today.

What you’ll find inside:

  • Founders’ Day Timeline
  • Celebrate Black History Month by Celebrating Selena Sloan Butler
  • Tips for a Successful PTA Leadership Transition
  • Take advantage of Member Perks
  • And more!

Download a PDF here in English or read PTA in California in Spanish

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Membership Monday

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2022-23 Financial Information & Resources for your PTA


In late October PTA Presidents received the 2022-23 Financial Mailing and all PTA officers can view and download the packet on our website. The Financial Mailing helps you successfully run the financial side of your PTA. Have a question now? Reach out to your Council or District PTA for local help, or set up an appointment with the state treasurer if local help isn’t sufficient.

PTA Leaders:

To help you successfully run the financial side of your PTA, every year California State PTA compiles a packet of financial information and resources.

These materials include:

  • Important Dates
  • PTA Insurance Premium Invoice/Notice
  • Tax Filing Support Center Information
  • Financial Filing Requirements for Tax-Exempt Groups Including PTAs
  • State of California Attorney General’s Tips and Resources for Charities
  • Workers’ Compensation Annual Payroll Report (Instructions only)
  • PTA as an Employer – What You Need to Know
  • Additional Resources and Information:
    • PTA Finances and Email Phishing Scams
    • Electronic Membership System Flier and Important Financial Updates
    • 2023 Convention Flyer
    • PTA Store Flier
  • The PTA Insurance Guide
  • Much more!

There are three ways to get the 2022-23 Financial Mailing:

  1. Receive a hard copy in your mailbox late October.
  2. View or download the entire Financial Mailing in PDF format:
  3. View or download just the sections you need in PDF format:

PTA Insurance Guide

The PTA insurance policy protects all members of the PTA in case they are held legally liable for bodily injury or property damage to another person that resulted from a covered PTA event. This is not a medical policy, but a policy that pays because you are legally liable.

If someone is injured, but the injury is not the result of PTA negligence, the individual should utilize his/her medical insurance for coverage. The policy is designed to cover allowable PTA events. Our PTA insurance does not provide any coverage for booster clubs, parent clubs or any non-PTA event. It is critical that before planning any PTA activities the RED, YELLOW and GREEN list included in the insurance guide be reviewed. Certain activities and events are prohibited because they are excluded by the insurance policy or because they are dangerous or jeopardize the safety of our children and youth. If the PTA sponsors a RED event and someone is injured because of PTA negligence, the individual PTA officers could be held personally liable.

Check the Insurance services page for additional information.

Leaders Welcome Packet

Welcome to a new PTA term. Thank you for your leadership.

You are part of an amazing association with strength and resiliency that comes from you and leaders like you. We are still facing challenges in our schools, communities, and in PTA, and I want you to know that we are all here for you. Together, as PTA leaders, we positively impact the world through our focus on what is best for our children – all children. That has been PTA’s mission for more than 125 years. This is your kind of PTA. You are connecting, including, inspiring, and growing PTA and your school communities. We are here to support you along this journey.

The Leaders’ Website contains information and resources for you and your PTA team. Please share it with your board and committee members. You can pass along links from the site or pages from the welcome packet either by printing them or sharing them electronically. To help with planning, make copies of the Planning and Due Date calendar. Feel free to download and share extra copies of anything you need from our website and use the many links and QR codes.

The PTA calendar in the welcome packet can help keep you on track. It includes highlights to keep in mind but does not include everything. Like you, we are always making plans during the year, so check the PTA calendar on the Leaders’ Website often to learn about new and exciting events and opportunities as they come up.  Stay in contact with your council and district leaders, and add their deadlines and information to the calendar provided so you don’t miss out on local and regional opportunities either!

We urge you to take advantage of our numerous online resources. They are designed to help you in all aspects of running your PTA, from advocating for children’s issues, to gaining members, to learning about the education system, to understanding your bylaws. You’ll find all you need to know to make your job easier and positively impact the lives of children and families. When you share resources and empower others, you help assure the success of your PTA.

You can view or download all materials in their the full “Leaders Welcome Packet,” “Running Your PTA … Made Easy,” and the “2022 Convention Highlights,” on the Leaders’ Website.

Login to the Leaders website to view and download these documents.

We know your PTA year will be exciting and probably busy, so a little planning can make all the difference. Setting goals and timelines now can help create a positive and productive PTA year. The resources in this section and elsewhere on our website are designed to spark new ideas, confirm best practices, inspire leaders, and provide guidance for a safe, fun, productive school year. Be sure to follow and engage with us on social media; we love to know all the great things you are doing.

Thank you for your dedication, commitment, and service to positively impact the lives of all children and families, and for all you do on behalf of the children and families you serve.

This is your KIND of PTA,
Carol Green President, California State PTA