Why Wednesday? 10/30/2019

What kinds of benefits do you get from National PTA?

Once you join your local PTA unit, you are entitled to benefits from both the state and national level. In addition to the membership perks from California State PTA and National PTA, there are great resources available to you on the National PTA website. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Notes from the Backpack Podcast – National PTA just launched a podcast full of great information for parents and local PTA leaders alike.
  • Free Online Training – Take general classes about non-profits, PTAs history, as well as position training for several elected officers. While you do have to log-in to access these services, they are provided free of charge!
  • Diversity and Inclusion Toolkit – Resources to help your PTA be more inclusive can be found in this toolkit.
  • Family Guides – These guides on topics including helping your child become a better reader, helping your teen succeed in high school, and preparing your child for school are great resources for your families. You can use them in parent education classes, include them in your summer mailings, or direct families to them from your Facebook page or website. All of these articles are also translated into Spanish.
  • Special Education Toolkit – This resource includes an explanation of the federal policy in regards to special education, a dictionary of terms, and a list of acronyms that are often used in IEPs.
  • Award and Grant Opportunities – National PTA regularly offers awards and grants to local units, councils and districts. Check back often to see if there are new offerings!

We hope you will take some time to visit pta.org to see all that National PTA has to offer!