Fall Family Challenge

by Family Engagement Commission

Thank you to all of the families, schools, PTA councils, and districts who joined us in the September walking challenge.  Remember that you can use that  family engagement idea at any time during the year. We’ve done the work for you by creating a newsletter, weekly emails, and all the other handouts you will need for the program.  

As October begins, the focus is on all of the fun things your family can do together in the fall.  This season can be a busy one for families with school back in session, after-school sports and activities abounding, and several holidays, but we want to remind families to slow down and take some intentional time to come together.  To that end, we have created a calendar with 31 activities on it for families to choose from throughout the fall. We also have a list of over 50 activities the California State PTA Family Engagement Commission has brainstormed that you can use to create your own calendar. 

We invite you to join us this fall as we expand our engagement with these fun fall activities.  If you want to join in, fill out this simple google form and we will send you weekly reminders, tips, and tricks. 


If your PTA wants to use these family engagement ideas with your members, here are the handouts we’ve created: