Share the Power of PTA During Black History Month

by California State PTA Membership Services Commission

MEMBERSHIP TIP: Celebrating Selena Sloan Butler, One of Our Founding Mothers, Tells the PTA Story

Membership Monday Celebrate Black History Month

Starting Black History Month Off with Our Very Own Selena Sloan Butler

Selena Sloan Butler is one of our Founding Mothers. Her voice and advocacy in Georgia grew into what became the National Congress of Colored Parents and Teachers Association, the counterpart of the National Congress of Parents and Teachers that would merge in 1970. The power of PTA is our proud history and dedication to every child with one voice. Learn more about Selena Sloan Butler in this blog.

Stay On Track for the Membership Incentives & Challenges in 2023

Include Selena Sloan Butler’s story in your Founders’ Day Celebration and as you work toward the Founders’ Day membership Challenge! There are still opportunities for you to be recognized and to win through our Memberships Incentives and Challenges. Learn More

Founders’ Day Membership Challenge

PTA Founders’ Day is February 17. Any unit that submits 17 new memberships for the month of February will earn a certificate and recognition on California State PTA social media platforms. No application is required. Due Date: 2/28/23. 

Best in 5 Award*

Any PTA unit, council, or district with a membership total on or before the deadline that is higher than the largest year-end total since the 2018-2019 membership year will be awarded a certificate of recognition and entered into a drawing to receive a $500 cash award. All units, councils, and districts that qualify for the Best in 5 Award will receive a recognition. No application is required. Due Date: 3/31/23.

Feel Like You’ve Learned About Your Community But Still Need to Master Membership?

That’s okay! As you continue to grow in your membership position, you can get support from the California State PTA Membership Services Commission. We recorded many of our trainings and you can watch them  any time to get more membership advice and inspiration. Watch Now

e-Membership/Totem Tip of the Week!

Add a “Join Now” button to your association’s Facebook page, website, or your school’s website. Continue to promote your PTA in 2023 and provide these links and tutorials to your Communications team and members so they are added and trained on Totem. It’s an easy way to make sure Joining Your PTA is always an option when people look up your PTA and school events. Learn More