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School Smarts is for school districts that want to promote and increase family participation in decision-making and throughout the education process. This customizable training program empowers parents with research, evidence, and tools which inspire them to get more involved. School Smarts brings parents from all backgrounds together in support of their common interest: helping their children and schools succeed. Participating districts can expect to see reduced absenteeism, decreased drop out rates, increased student achievement and increased graduation rates among students.

Why School Smarts Matters

Parent engagement is crucial to student success. School Smarts graduates report feeling more likely to support, encourage, monitor and advocate for their children. Feeling more informed, confident and comfortable, graduates serve in their PTAs and on school or district committees such as the SSC, ELAC, or LCAP Development.

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School Smarts Creates Meaningful Parent Involvement

Available as an in-person or video conference-based training program, the seven-session curriculum covers the science behind parent engagement, career and college readiness, school governance and decision making, communication skills, and leadership. The program sets expectations for home-school communications and inspires parents to engage with their schools in ways that make sense for their life. The sessions include individual and group work, art activities and opportunities for parents to build relationships with each other and with school and district leaders. School Smarts is available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Tagalog and Vietnamese. Take a sneak peek at an academy here.

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What Makes School Smarts Unique?

School Smarts is an investment in local solutions and capacity. School Smarts trains local facilitators to deliver the program, access local resources, like guest speakers, and cultivate strong relationships. School Smarts graduates often go on to become School Smarts facilitators sharing their new found knowledge and excitement with others. Schools throughout California use School Smarts to help close the family engagement gap.

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Bring School Smarts to Your Families

Families and schools across the state have used School Smarts to build relational trust and effective home-school partnerships. Let us help you develop and activate leaders in your community. Have a question? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

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