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For school districts who desire increased authentic parent engagement, School Smarts, a customizable training program, empowers parents with research, evidence, and new skills which inspires them to get more involved. School Smarts creates meaningful and diverse parent involvement by bringing parents from all backgrounds together in support of their common interest: helping their children and schools succeed.

School Smarts as an Effective Model

With an operating principle of inclusion, School Smarts uses an award winning, seven-session, researched-based curriculum to educate parents on how to navigate the public education system. Sessions include individual and group activities, art projects and opportunities for parents to build relationships with each other and with school and district leaders. The program sets expectations for home-school communications and inspires parents to engage with their schools in ways that make sense for their life.

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How does School Smarts engage families?

The School Smarts program relies on the involvement of parents, teachers and school administrators working together for a common goal. Fostering and promoting strong family engagement at our local school sites and school districts. This program is a strategy that school sites throughout California are using to help them close the gap of family engagement in Schools.

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Why School Smarts Matters

Over the past ten years, more than 10,000 School Smarts graduates have reported feeling more likely to support, encourage, monitor and advocate for their children after they complete the program. Parents become informed and activated pursuing leadership on their school campus and in their community.

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Families and schools across the state have used School Smarts to build relational trust and effective home-school partnerships. Join us to develop and activate leaders in your community.

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