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School Smarts Matters!

The School Smarts Parent Engagement Program began as a pilot in 13 elementary schools in four school districts in 2010. It currently operates in collaboration with more than 29 school districts and 130 schools and has been expanding – and is available to all elementary schools in the state as additional school districts become aware of the program. Evaluation results show that:

  • Participation in the School Smarts academy helped parents improve understanding of the K–12 school system and what they can do at home to support their children
  • Generally, parents indicated greater willingness and desire to attend school-wide meetings and began demonstrating leadership through involvement and advocacy
  • School Smarts created a sense of community for parents from diverse backgrounds
  • Parents appreciated meeting school leaders and their school principal as part of the program, felt more secure in their relationships with school personnel, and gained confidence in asking questions
  • School districts reported more parents who felt comfortable and informed to participate in school decision-making, including the LCAP
  • Graduates served as leaders in their local PTAs and on school and school district committees.


Pre- and post-academy questionnaires show that parents feel more informed and are likely to be involved than before participating in the School Smarts program.



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