Terri Arredondo: ‘Above and Beyond’

terri_photoPTA volunteers and members are a dedicated group, as Terri Arredondo shows each and every day.

Terri has been employed as a parent liaison and supervising assistant at Evergreen Elementary School (Whitter Council PTA, Thirty-Third District PTA) for five years, recently earning an Employee of the Year Award from East Whittier City School District.

In addition to her everyday career of dedication to children and families, Terri also is Evergreen PTA’s treasurer where she serves that office, and so much more.

“She is an amazing person and goes above and beyond for our kids,” said Evergreen PTA President Patricia Serban. “Terri is always asking if anyone needs help – she is always offering and doing.”

As Patricia shared, some of Terri’s many efforts for children and families include starting and maintaining a school community closet. “Spikey’s Closet” – named after the school’s dragon mascot – is funded by the PTA and filled with gently-used clothing and shoes plus new underwear that Terri has gathered, and even laundered herself. Terri also started recycling bins in the teachers’ lounge to help fund the effort.

“If a kid says their shoes are too tight, Terri takes them to Spikey’s Closet to look for shoes,” said Patricia. “She encourages families to volunteer and to take what they need.”

Terri also encourages all families and staff to be involved in Evergreen PTA, asking everyone in person as the most effective engagement tool. In addition to establishing a PTA Teacher Liaison to get educators’ feedback on programs and needs, she also asks the school’s English-learner parent classes to get involved.

“I let them know that they have the opportunity to make changes and be a role model for their children,” she said.

Patricia emphasized that Terri does things out of love for the kids, love for the Evergreen families and for the community.

“I love working and volunteering at Evergreen Elementary!” added Terri.

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