Register to Vote

If you’re not already registered to vote in California, October 18 is the deadline if you want to vote in the election on November 2, 2021.

Click here to register to vote in California.

Cultivate a Habit of Lifelong Voting

PTA was founded in 1897 to advocate for children and families. At the 1937 convention of the National Congress of Parents and Teachers, newly elected national President, Frances S. Pettengill, declared that “as citizens in a democracy, our chief function is to prepare the oncoming generation to live successfully in a democracy.”

California State PTA believes an important part of that preparation is fostering voting habits early in life and cultivating a habit of lifelong voting. Research supports this approach and has long shown that lifelong voting habits are formed in childhood and adolescence through parent/adult modeling and Civic Education.

California State PTA also believes that our constitutional right to vote is the foundation of American democracy and our representative form of government.  Public policy issues that we care about are determined by our elected officials and our votes. Therefore, the right to vote, cast an informed vote and have that vote counted, whether it be for candidates or ballot measures, are fundamental to the work we do as PTA and should be protected. Click here to learn more.

Voting Resources

Here are some non-partisan websites that can help you learn more about the issues on the ballot:

Once you’ve completed your ballot, place it in the mailing envelope (you don’t need to add postage) then put it in the mail, or drop it at any official ballot drop box. If you’re sending it by mail, try to put it in a mailbox before election day, because it must be postmarked by November 2!

Here are some websites with other important tools and tips that can help you fill out and mail your ballot correctly, to ensure that your vote is counted: