Reda Rountree: The Heart of PTA

volunteer_mtwashingtonelementarypta_redatheamazingvolunteer_smallPTA’s amazing members and volunteers truly are the heart of our organization — you are the ones who make a difference for all our children every single day.

Reda Rountree is one example of our many dedicated volunteers and members. She began volunteering at Mt. Washington Elementary PTA (Highlands Council, Tenth District PTA) when her twin girls Ann Elise and Grace started kindergarten. She currently serves as the PTA’s vice president of programs, where she develops, implements and involves students in enrichment classes and events to meet the wide range of interests of the school’s 431 children.

“Being involved isn’t just important – it’s necessary,” said Reda. “It takes involved parents and community members to create and sustain an enriching educational experience, and the PTA provides that opportunity to schools.”

She credits her own involved teachers and parents as well as her grandfather – who spent more than 50 years in education – as setting her own personal example of engagement.

“The impact volunteering can make in a kid’s life is enormous,” she said. “Being there for a child, listening, offering love and support whenever he or she needs it – there is no better reward.”

Reda’s many efforts for Mt. Washington’s children do not go unnoticed: PTA President Bryan Irwin recently wrote a moving tribute about Reda’s giving heart for their school community.

“The human heart beats on average 100,000 times per day — it’s what we choose to do with all those beats that makes them important,” he wrote. “There is one person on our campus who gives theirs away to our children every single day: Her name is Reda Rountree.”

Bryan shared how he worked with Reda on the school’s fall carnival, which she chairs as one part of her office. But it’s not just the tireless work she put in on the carnival and the fall memories she helped create for kids, he wrote – it’s what she constantly gives of herself to the children and school.

“When Reda is on campus, children run to her to share a story, ask a question and – most importantly – get a hug, a laugh or a sweet word of encouragement,” he wrote. “Reda, thank you for showing us how wonderful life can be when you live it through your heart – a lesson you share every day with our kids and one that many adults, myself included, need to remember.”

Thanks, Reda, for all you do – and to all our amazing members and volunteers. You are the heart of PTA!

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