Creating Community at Annie Pennycook Elementary

AnniepennycooksmallPTA membership at Vallejo’s Annie Pennycook Elementary (Eighteenth District PTA) is not just about the school, but the whole community.

President Amid Brock said the PTA saw a community in need, and is trying to fulfill it.

“We want to bring our community together,” he said. “We strive for community service and the PTA is there to support every child.”

Social media plays a huge part in their community engagement and increased membership. The PTA’s Facebook page and website are frequently updated with the many great new things that they have come up with, getting more families and volunteers active. These activities include family game nights and a recent community-service night, which included free immunizations, haircuts and resources for children and families.

In addition, the PTA donated laptops and tablets as giveaways to increase membership and also help the kids’ educations and parent communication. These engaging events and activities not only help bring in more members, but also build the entire community.

Seeing engagement and progress makes people want to join, said Brock: “Families want to see their name on the bulletin board, and we have succeeded in getting most of the teachers signed
up with our PTA.”

More about this PTA

  • K-5 School
  • 576 Students
  • 67% Free and reduced school lunch
  • 17% English Language Learners
  • 38% Increase in PTA membership
  • Dr. Seuss Night, Red Ribbon Week, Book Fair, Field Day