California State PTA Urges Community Engagement to Prepare for Coronavirus

SACRAMENTO, March 10, 2020 – California State PTA is working with parents to be informed and prepared during growing concerns about coronavirus. Families should work closely with school officials to learn about local preventative measures being implemented in their communities.

“Hearing daily about new cases of COVID-19 is troubling,” said Celia Jaffe, President of California State PTA. “But we are pleased to see so many school districts collaborating with their city and county governments, as well as their health officials, to determine the best approach for preventing exposure in their local community.”

The worldwide outbreak of the coronavirus disease, including cases in California, has created concerns within school districts about how to inform and educate school communities, and how to respond in the event that students or families are forced to confront the disease more directly. Fortunately, school districts across the state are developing important information, valuable resources and procedures for how schools should handle the coronavirus.

“We encourage all parents and families to help limit the spread of this virus by following common sense practices such as thorough handwashing, staying home when sick, and other actions recommended by health agencies,” said Jaffe. “Families should take advantage of the various resources many school districts are putting forth to support their communities and stay ahead of further coronavirus outbreaks.”

California State PTA is working alongside school officials and partner associations to stay informed and guide parents to valuable coronavirus resources, such as the following information from the California Department of Public Health, the Association of California School Administrators, and additional resources which can be found on our website.