California State PTA Laments Victims of Saugus High School Shooting

Media Contacts:

Heather Ippolito, Vice President for Communications

Ignacio Barragan, Assistant Executive Director

SACRAMENTO – November 14, 2019 – California State PTA laments those who were injured, killed and traumatized by the November 14 shooting at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, California.

“Our hearts break for those who lost their lives and peace of mind at Saugus High School today,” said Celia Jaffe, President of the California State PTA. “Gun violence in schools is unacceptable. Schools should be places where students can learn and staff can teach in safety.”

California State PTA has long advocated for safer schools by supporting both state and federal legislation that protects children from gun violence, including:

  • Requiring firearm licensure procedures that include a minimum 3-day waiting period and background checks to screen out illegal firearm purchasers such as convicted felons and drug-related offenders;
  • Restricting internet gun sales, including kits that can be used to make/modify guns;
  • Enforcing federal and state minimum age requirements for gun purchases;
  • Requiring safety devices, including childproof trigger locks, on all firearms offered for sale, delivery or transfer;
  • Prohibiting the sale and possession of assault weapons for non-military/non-law enforcement use and requiring a registration process for those who legally own such firearms;
  • Banning the manufacture, sale or possession of “junk guns”/Saturday night specials;
  • Banning armor-piercing ammunition;
  • Controlling the illegal possession of firearms and other lethal weapons on school campuses; and
  • Supporting state and federal funding initiatives for the research of the causes and effects of gun violence

“Gun violence is a public health crisis that affects us all – most of all, our children and youth,” said Shereen Walter, California State PTA’s Director of Legislation. “Today’s shooting reinforces the urgency of finding a way to end such senseless crimes. California State PTA is actively lobbying both federal and state lawmakers to demand change, and we encourage our members to help our efforts by calling or writing to your state and federal representatives and demanding action.”