2022-23 Financial Information & Resources for your PTA


In late October PTA Presidents received the 2022-23 Financial Mailing and all PTA officers can view and download the packet on our website. The Financial Mailing helps you successfully run the financial side of your PTA. Have a question now? Reach out to your Council or District PTA for local help, or set up an appointment with the state treasurer if local help isn’t sufficient.

PTA Leaders:

To help you successfully run the financial side of your PTA, every year California State PTA compiles a packet of financial information and resources.

These materials include:

  • Important Dates
  • PTA Insurance Premium Invoice/Notice
  • Tax Filing Support Center Information
  • Financial Filing Requirements for Tax-Exempt Groups Including PTAs
  • State of California Attorney General’s Tips and Resources for Charities
  • Workers’ Compensation Annual Payroll Report (Instructions only)
  • PTA as an Employer – What You Need to Know
  • Additional Resources and Information:
    • PTA Finances and Email Phishing Scams
    • Electronic Membership System Flier and Important Financial Updates
    • 2023 Convention Flyer
    • PTA Store Flier
  • The PTA Insurance Guide
  • Much more!

There are three ways to get the 2022-23 Financial Mailing:

  1. Receive a hard copy in your mailbox late October.
  2. View or download the entire Financial Mailing in PDF format:
  3. View or download just the sections you need in PDF format: