We Should Have a Resolution on That!

by Resolutions Committee

A History of Parent Advocacy

Founded in 1897, Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a nationwide network of 4 million families, students, educators, and community leaders working at the school building, district, state, and national levels to improve education, health and safety conditions for our children. The PTA’s mission is to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children. PTA gives parents a united and powerful voice, a seat at the decision making table, and the tools to influence change that will better the lives of all children.  

Important guides to PTA Advocacy

PTA advocacy is led by our members from the local elementary school to the state and national level.  Our efforts are guided by PTA authorities, such as resolutions, position statements and legislation platforms that are adopted by either our national or state organization. For California State PTA that includes our Mission Statement, our Resolutions and our Position Statements.  

Why PTA Members Should Write a Resolution

PTA Resolutions call attention to a problem and a need for action on a particular issue. They are a major source of authority to take positions on issues for the California State PTA and its units, councils, and districts. If a problem or situation has statewide implications affecting children, youth and families, a convention resolution is one way to authorize PTA action. Resolutions are adopted by a majority vote of delegates at the annual meeting. Resolutions are PTA authorities created and adopted by the membership. Resolutions must meet the following criteria:

  • Be in accordance with PTA purposes and policies
  • Be prepared according to criteria specified in the California State PTA Resolutions Procedure Book.
  • Follow National PTA guidelines, if a resolution is to be forwarded to the National PTA

Is there a statewide  issue you feel should be addressed by PTA?  

Have a look at the California State PTA Toolkit here for details on advocacy.  If you do not see a resolution or position statement on the topic, please contact the Resolutions committee resolutions@capta.org for guidance. 

We look forward to your help in strengthening our voice for the children and families of California.