Recharge Your PTA Board!

by California State PTA Leadership Services Commission

As we head into spring, do you and your PTA board need some energy to finish the year strong?

If the answer is yes, it’s a good time to applaud your successes. Take 15 minutes at your next executive board meeting to evaluate what the board has accomplished to date. Ask each board member to be prepared to share the success they’ve achieved or what PTA work they value the most.

Next, consider what is calendared for the remainder of the year, and what is realistically doable. Prioritize items by importance: school and community engagement, fundraising, expense, volunteer capacity, traditional, and new. Use wall charts and sticky notes to expedite the evaluation process. Which things are your board members and volunteers eager to finish this year? Those tasks embraced and supported by all the board members will be the most successful.

Keep The Team Working Together

Refer to the California State PTA website and Toolkit for tips on goal setting, brainstorming, and delegating. Teachers and administrators are often experts at brainstorming. Ask one for some tips. Better yet, ask them to facilitate the agenda item at your meeting. Or at least take this opportunity to meet with your school principal and teacher representative. What, in their view, is important for the school and the PTA to accomplish by the end of the year?

Teamwork and collaboration are more important now than ever. How can board members whose primary work was finished in the fall best support the work this winter and spring? Can you take steps to make sure your team stays effective and supportive?

Keep up the communication with your PTA members and school community. There is still plenty of time for sharing information, such as parenting tips, homework help, and community activities for children and teens.

Prepare for the Coming Year

Attend local council and district meetings and trainings. Networking and training provide new energy and new ideas and help one appreciate the work of your own PTA.

Foremost, register for and be energized by the Annual California State PTA Convention April 21-23, 2023 in Sacramento.  Convention is a wonderful opportunity for your board-elect and new chairs alike! Check with your PTA District on scholarship opportunities for local leaders to help you cover the cost and send more members.