Put Some Spring into Your Plans

by California State PTA Membership Services Commission

MEMBERSHIP TIP: Plan Your Spring Membership Drive to Help You Qualify for California State PTA Challenges & Incentives

Membership is year round! It is time to start planning your spring drive to get more members and more community engagement!

Members across the state have been doing a PHENOMENAL job at promoting membership and getting more members! Do you have everyone at the table? If the answer is not yet, don’t worry! Start thinking about reaching out to families who moved in this semester, offer them a friendly smile and the chance to learn more about PTA at your school. Get inclusive, reach out to members of your community who may be multilingual and see if they can help you translate your materials. Check out our 101 Ways to Increase Membership.

PTA is for everyone! Be inviting and mindful of when you are scheduling events

National PTA’s Multicultural Calendar highlights and celebrates the diversity in our PTA and school communities. The rich diversity in our communities is reflected in the observances celebrated by various cultures and populations. Help your PTA and school community make everyone feel included and recognized by not planning school events on these days. National PTA has also provided resources and programming ideas for some of these holidays and celebrations. Remember to make PTA your KIND of PTA and bring kindness and inclusivity to your community. Download Your Calendar

Let’s Create a Kinder Online World Together

Another Membership Perk is National PTA’s Safer Internet Week. It is now more important than ever to share these resources and have these conversations with our youth. National PTA is proud to support the goals of Safer Internet Day by hosting digital learning experiences throughout the week of Feb. 7-11, 2023 to teach PTA leaders, students, parents, and caregivers how to talk about technology and use it to spread kindness and build community.

This interactive series will include something for every PTA leader, member and family. You can attend each session or pick the one that’s right for you. Share Now

e-Membership/Totem Tip of the Week!

Do you know how to view members by join date? This is incredibly important because Membership is responsible for providing this information to the President, Parliamentarian, and Nominating Committee as they begin their work and start looking for officers for the 2023-2024 term! Learn More