PTA Membership: An Opportunity to Serve

by California State PTA Membership Services Commission

Today, January 16th, is MLK Jr. Day, A Day of Service. We’re Grateful for Your Service.

Membership Monday - January 16, 2022

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is now often observed as a Day of Service

As a part of this day and observance, we would like to thank YOU, our PTA volunteers, who give great service to your communities. The King Center writes that “Dr. King is widely regarded as America’s preeminent advocate of nonviolence and one of the greatest nonviolent leaders in world history.” We hope you will find a way to help your community gather and serve on this special day.

Learn More About Local Events In California or Create and Add Yours!

New Year, Means New Membership Theme Ideas

Check out this great page with ideas on what new theme ideas you can implement in your Spring Membership Drives in 2023. Remember, membership is a year round activity! Your work is just getting started for 2023! Learn More

California State PTA has Visual Identity and PTA Logo Resources to make your life easier.

Visual clues are often the easiest way for people to recognize a product or organization that they trust. Think about the brands you regularly buy. Whenever you purchase clothing, food or toys, the company’s logo on the package represents all that you may like or dislike about the products you buy. An organization’s logo does the same thing.

PTA has established guidelines for the proper use of the PTA name, logo, and tagline (everychild.onevoice).  When used properly, PTA’s logo and tagline create a consistent message, help unify all PTAs, and sets PTA apart from the competition. Learn More

Stay On Track for the Membership Incentives & Challenges in 2023

You are doing amazing things for Membership! And we are seeing it across the state! There are still opportunities for you to be recognized and to win. The first two with upcoming dates are below! Learn More

5. Founders’ Day Membership Challenge

PTA Founders’ Day is February 17. Any unit that submits 17 new memberships for the month of February will earn a certificate and recognition on California State PTA social media platforms. No application is required. Date: 2/28/23. 

6. Best in 5 Award*

Any PTA unit, council, or district with a membership total on or before the deadline that is higher than the largest year-end total since the 2018-2019 membership year will be awarded a certificate of recognition and entered into a drawing to receive a $500 cash award. All units, councils, and districts that qualify for the Best in 5 Award will receive a recognition ribbon at the 2023 California State PTA Convention. No application is required. Due Date: 3/31/23.

e-Membership/Totem Tip of the Week!

Get comfortable with your Online Totem Reports, this will help you provide up-to-date membership lists for the Nominating Committee and to your board for General Association Meetings! Leaders have access to a variety of reports. Leaders may see different available reports depending on the features the association has enabled the leaders’ and permission levels within the organization, for example, a District PTA would see Councils and Units but a Unit PTA would only see their own report.  You can access the list of available reports from the leader Reports menu.