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PTA Membership – Stronger Together

Connecting families and schools for more than 125 years, PTA is the largest children’s advocacy organization in the country. Our members include parents/caregivers, students, teachers and administrators, and community members. We all work together to improve the lives of children and families. 

Join your local PTA, or our state organization, by clicking here.

Individual PTA members benefit from connecting with what’s happening in their schools, participating in valuable programs, joining others to advocate for change, and demonstrating their commitment to public education. In addition, PTA Member Perks make joining PTA an even greater value. Click here for the latest Member Perks!Member Perks Image

California State PTA is committed to helping our local leaders grow and sustain their membership numbers, and we provide a wealth of resources for that purpose. PTA leaders have access to our Leaders Website, which has training, tools, and ready-made communications to help create strong, effective membership campaigns all year long. We also provide local PTA leaders with the tools and technical assistance they need to meet government requirements for non-profit, 501(c)3 organizations.

Each year we also sponsor the California State PTA Membership Incentives and Challenges to keep local leaders recruiting new members. Click here to view the 2022-23 program. 


Organizing and running a PTA membership campaign can be fun — and easy! PTA leaders can find a variety of training opportunities:

  • Convenient in-person trainings are often offered by local PTA Councils and Districts. Check with them for upcoming dates.
  • Membership workshops, conducted by our state Membership Services Commission, are a regular feature at the California State PTA convention each year.  
  • For online access to recent membership and marketing webinars, visit the training center in our Leaders Website

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Looking for new ideas to increase PTA membership at your school? How about ways to engage students or teachers in PTA? 

In the Membership section of the Leaders Website you’ll find everything you need to build your PTA membership and support your members.

Ideas and Inspiration

PTA leaders from throughout the state have shared their tips and tricks through our Great Membership Idea Exchange on the Leaders Website. We also have a wealth of membership theme ideas, plus graphics and messaging you can use locally. 

Ready-to-Use Marketing Materials

California State PTA and National PTA have created a wealth of marketing materials you can use for your membership campaigns:

Logos and PTA Visual Identity 

We have everything you need to reinforce your PTA Brand on your social media and websites. In addition, on the Leaders Website you’ll find social media kits and graphics, Zoom backgrounds, and more. 

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Your membership efforts will go more smoothly and be more successful if you have a plan. We are here to help with our:

  • free e-membership system
  • templates for membership cards
  • marketing and membership plans
  • membership campaign timelines

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Be sure to also look at the California State PTA Toolkit for PTA procedures and best practices

Looking for more information about organizing your PTA membership drive, or ways to promote it? Feel free to contact the Vice-President for Membership at If you need help using the marketing tools, please contact California State PTA.