PTA Advocacy is Member Driven: Resolution at the 2022 Convention 

By California State PTA Resolutions Committee

PTA advocacy is led by our members from the local elementary school to the state and national level. Our efforts are guided by PTA authorities; such as resolutions, position statements, and legislation platforms that are adopted by either our national or state organization. For California State PTA that includes our Mission Statement, our Resolutions, and our Position Statements.  

PTA Resolutions call attention to a problem and a need for action on a particular issue. They are a major source of authority to take positions on issues for the California State PTA and its units, councils, and districts. If a problem or situation has statewide implications affecting children, youth and families, a convention resolution is one way to authorize PTA action. Resolutions are adopted by a majority vote of delegates at the annual meeting.

Prior to the statewide annual meeting, PTA units, councils, and districts are encouraged to review, discuss and vote on the business of the association, including resolutions, to guide delegate action at the meeting. Delegates should be aware that a resolution could be changed at the statewide annual meeting.

At this year’s state convention we will have a resolution being presented to the delegates. Titled, “Plant Based Options for School Meals”, the resolution was developed by one of our student board of managers members, Maya Bhandari from San Francisco. The resolution seeks to engage PTA members, and their communities, in a concerted effort to advocate for and encourage school efforts to provide equitable access to nutritious meals, decrease detrimental health effects to children, and reduce climate change through the food schools have available. 

Plan to attend this year’s convention in Ontario and join your fellow delegates in shaping PTA advocacy as we debate and vote on this issue.