Our Children Magazine

The Fall 2019 version of National PTA’s magazine “Our Children” was just released. There are lots of great articles including 10 Questions You Should Ask About Your Child’s Curriculum, How to Navigate Speech and Language Services in School, Get Your Morning Routine Back on Track, and lots more! The edition was mailed to PTA members, but it can also be accessed online. A few of their articles are even in Spanish.

One of our favorite articles is “5 Things I Learned as a PTA Volunteer”. Author Sarah Marjoram learned in her 11 years serving at a unit in Georgia that:

  1. Volunteers Make School Better
  2. PTA Isn’t Intimidating
  3. You Can Play To Your Strategies
  4. Volunteering is Networking
  5. Showing Up Matters

We hope that you will find her article on pages 18-19 and share it with other parents at your school. Like all of our California State publications, you are free to use the articles with the parents at your unit. We suggest sending them home on the backs of fliers or using them for parent education mini-classes at your association meetings.