Meet the Membership Services Commission

California State PTA is a membership-based, nonprofit impact organization. Membership is the foundation upon which the entire organization rests. Members are vital to the advocacy work PTA does on behalf of children and families. Policy makers pay attention when you have strong membership numbers. 

The Membership Services Commission and several committees work to provide programs that serve local PTAs and members. Scholarships and Grants honor and support the outstanding work of PTA volunteers. The National PTA Reflections Art program gives student artists an opportunity to participate in the arts and reminds local communities of PTA’s commitment to the arts. 

The California State PTA Membership Services Commission composed of volunteers from across the state works to build the foundation of our association by growing our membership and bringing programs that enrich the lives of all children in California.

Some of our work includes: 

  • Providing resources, guidance and training to unit, council and district leaders to increase PTA membership
  • Scholarships and Grants
  • Reflections
  • Honorary Service Awards
  • Producing the annual Welcome Packet
  • Reviewing and revising the California State PTA Toolkit

Local PTA leaders benefit from our work as they set their membership goals, access state membership resources and marketing plans, and utilize Totem, our free electronic membership offering to all units, councils, and districts. Local leaders also grow the support of their members when they put on programs like Reflections, encourage student involvement through state-offered scholarships, and use state programs to reward continued learning for teachers, volunteers, and healthcare professionals.

The Membership Services Commission for the 2021-23 term consists of the Vice President for Membership and 11 members of the California State PTA Board of Managers. The Membership Services Commission has had amazing talks this term about equity, about celebrating our units for their outstanding membership efforts, and focusing on making programs and Totem easier to adopt and use for our local leaders.

Our focus is to GROW membership! Everyone should be a member of PTA! That is why we focus on the “Why PTA” look at our amazing 125-year history. Just as PTA tackled child labor laws, juvenile justice, and the school lunch program, we want  to inspire our members to take on the next challenge. It’s time to continue making everything better for all children with our one voice.

Continue to tell us why YOU PTA by sending your thoughts to ! So we can continue to share this message loud and proud! Many of us shared that at the Annual Convention on stage. We all come from different backgrounds and different areas, but PTA unites us in our mission to positively impact the lives of all children and families.