Meet the Board of Directors: Deborah Johnson

We want you to get to know our Board of Directors better, since they are all here to serve you! Let’s meet our Vice President of Family Engagement Deborah Johnson.

Deborah Johnson, Vice President of Family Engagement, has been involved with PTA for 33 years. Her favorite thing about PTA is working with children and families to ensure their success in school and in life.

Deb has a fabulous husband of 35 years and three wonderful children who are all very successful. She is a kindergarten teacher. She and her husband enjoy watching the Oakland Raiders and spending a great day with her family.

Her advice for others is to be a great listener. “If you listen you can solve any problems in your life and in your PTA life.” Her favorite quote is “Just win baby!” She is always there to serve PTA leaders no matter whether she is at work, at a PTA meeting, or at a workshop. “I’m just a phone call and an email away.”