Meet the Board of Directors: Celia Jaffe

We want you to get to know our Board of Directors better, since they are all here to serve you!  First up, let’s meet our President Celia Jaffe.

Celia Jaffe, President, has been involved with PTA for 27 years. Her favorite thing about PTA is making a difference for kids and working with people who want to do that too.

Celia and her husband, Harvey, have been together since they were 18. They have two grown children.Their daughter works for a tech start-up in San Francisco and their son works in sports statistics in Chicago. Her entire family loves games, trivia, musicals, Harry Potter, escape rooms and “other nerdy stuff.”

Celia is focused on her presidency right now which is a full time job. She has been a school board member, worked for various foundations and civic groups, and began her career as a high school English teacher.

Celia sees herself as a mixture of extrovert and introvert, “so please come up and say hi when you see me out and about.”

Her advice to others is to “appreciate the people you work with and help set them up for success.”  Her favorite quote is, “Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children.” – Sitting Bull