Make DEI a PTA Membership Topic

MEMBERSHIP TIP: World Day of Social Justice – Make DEI a PTA Membership Topic

February 20th is the United Nations World Day of Social Justice. This year’s theme is “Overcoming Barriers & Unleashing Opportunities for Social Justice”. You can learn more on their website.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI) is a PTA Membership Topic

Does your PTA have a DEI committee? If so, make sure someone working on membership serves on it. If not, review your bylaws and standing rules and add it. You can also have your membership committee address DEI issues and bring awareness to inclusive/belonging topics that will help build your community engagement and make sure everyone feels included and that they belong in PTA Learn more

A Great Opportunity for Your Student Members

Did you know students can serve on your PTA Board? You can choose to make clear they are welcome by becoming a PTSA! Students can also serve as California State PTA Student Board Members. Students who serve as board members are valuable and valued members of our state organization, with full voting rights. The application deadline for the 2023-24 school year is March 15, 2023.

Spread the word about this amazing statewide leadership opportunity for PTA/PTSA students in California:

Stay On Track for the Membership Incentive & Challenge

We are seeing your membership success all through the state! This is your reminder to make sure you are recognized for the great work you are doing. California State PTA membership awards are something you can show your members to keep them excited about PTA. Learn more through the new leaders website and see the upcoming deadlines below.

Best in 5 Award*

Any PTA unit, council, or district with a membership total on or before the deadline that is higher than the largest year-end total since the 2018-2019 membership year will be awarded a certificate of recognition and entered into a drawing to receive a $500 cash award. All units, councils, and districts that qualify for the Best in 5 Award will receive a recognition ribbon at the 2023 California State PTA Convention. No application is required. Due Date: 3/31/23.

Membership Marvel Award*  

Units that increase membership over their 2021-2022 membership total will earn the following award:

Bronze: 1-24% 

Silver: 25-49%

Gold: 50-74% 

Platinum: 75-100%

Each unit will receive a certificate of recognition. Units earning the silver, gold, or platinum award will receive a Membership Marvel pin for their unit’s membership chair. No application is required. Due Date: 4/30/23

* Awards may be subject to change or substitution

e-Membership/Totem Tip of the Week!

Elections are coming up in PTAs and PTSAs across the state! Are you, as the membership officer, ready to support your President in the election? You should be! Here is a quick tip to help you be ready to fulfill your part of the election, which is the membership list and proving they have been a member for 30 days so that they can vote. Learn how to view members by join date.