It’s Arts in Education Week

by CA State PTA Arts Education Committee

This National event, taking place this year on September 12-18, is a great chance for local PTA leader and members to show your support for Arts Education and add your voice to a national movement.

It also gives us a chance to spotlight the great work going on throughout California in support of the arts and encourage you to participate.

Get Informed

California State PTA has a new Arts Education landing page! Check it out – we’ve updated the graphics, reorganized the content, and added new links and resources in a very user-friendly, accessible, and visually striking format. Click here to see it for yourself.

Or visit our Resource Library to download the Parents’ Guide to The Visual and Performing Arts in California Public Schools. This revised version of the VAPA Guide has been updated to include the areas of digital and media arts, based on the California Department of Education’s guidance for arts standards in California. The guide provides an overview of what your child will learn in each arts discipline by the end of each grade level.

Advocate for the Arts

School boards are the eyes and ears of your neighborhood and should represent your community values! Are they representing yours when it comes to arts education? @Create_CA has created an easy way to contact your school leaders and let them know that arts education is important, necessary, and mandated!

Celebrate and Participate

Research shows the arts improve student academic success and social-emotional well-being. Hear from California State PTA Reflections students from across California as they share their stories through the arts and advocate for arts education for all students. learn more about how your PTA can create a successful Reflections program. Arts in Education Week is a great time to get the word out!