Bylaws for Local PTA/PTSA Units: Essential and Easy to Update

By Leadership Services Commission

What do you think of when you hear the term “bylaws?” Does “restrictive,” “rules,” and “Who needs them?” come to mind? The more familiar you are with unit, council, or district bylaws the more you’ll appreciate their contribution to running an organization smoothly. They are also a resource for key information and must be updated as outlined below:

  • The cover page includes the date your PTA was organized; National PTA and California State PTA identification numbers as assigned, and your District PTA and Council PTA names, if in council. 
  • The internal signature page indicates when the bylaws were last adopted. Bylaws must be updated every five years, or as changes are needed. The date included with the State Parliamentarian’s signature starts the five-year clock.

Bylaws should be reviewed annually by the executive board, early in the term. The handout, Bylaws are Essential, provides an overview of Bylaws for Local PTA/PTSA Units. Council and district PTA bylaws are similar. The Job Description for Parliamentarians includes the process to update bylaws. 

California State PTA has a free, nearly paperless, electronic tool to update your bylaws easily, eBylaws. This tool now includes the latest 2022 English bylaws version for units. Visit the PTA Leaders, Services, eBylaws webpage to request a password to use the free system. While you wait for the password, use the helpful information (in English and Spanish) on the same webpage 4 Key Steps to Review Bylaws, and the eBylaws worksheet. When you receive your password to eBylaws, return to the webpage and click on Access eBylaws. After you have correctly entered your PTA information, the system will generate a set of bylaws to submit through channels to the State Parliamentarian for approval. Follow the How to Submit Your Bylaws cover sheet included with the bylaws pdf.  

Bilingual Bylaws for Local PTA/PTSA Units are available for units in pdf fillable form or paper copy from your council or district PTA. Use eBylaws to update the English text, then copy the English and enter the Spanish text to the bilingual bylaws. Work with your council/district PTA to determine how to submit bilingual bylaws. 

Questions? Contact the PTA council or district parliamentarian for assistance to update bylaws, your essential leadership tool.