2022-23 Financial Information & Resources for your PTA


In late October PTA Presidents received the 2022-23 Financial Mailing and all PTA officers can view and download the packet on our website. The Financial Mailing helps you successfully run the financial side of your PTA. Have a question now? Reach out to your Council or District PTA for local help, or set up an appointment with the state treasurer if local help isn’t sufficient.

PTA Leaders:

To help you successfully run the financial side of your PTA, every year California State PTA compiles a packet of financial information and resources.

These materials include:

  • Important Dates
  • PTA Insurance Premium Invoice/Notice
  • Tax Filing Support Center Information
  • Financial Filing Requirements for Tax-Exempt Groups Including PTAs
  • State of California Attorney General’s Tips and Resources for Charities
  • Workers’ Compensation Annual Payroll Report (Instructions only)
  • PTA as an Employer – What You Need to Know
  • Additional Resources and Information:
    • PTA Finances and Email Phishing Scams
    • Electronic Membership System Flier and Important Financial Updates
    • 2023 Convention Flyer
    • PTA Store Flier
  • The PTA Insurance Guide
  • Much more!

There are three ways to get the 2022-23 Financial Mailing:

  1. Receive a hard copy in your mailbox late October.
  2. View or download the entire Financial Mailing in PDF format:
  3. View or download just the sections you need in PDF format:

Leadership Essentials: Tips to Help Strengthen Your PTA

Leadership Essentials

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Running Your PTA… Made Easy

One of the wonderful benefits of belonging to PTA is the support system it offers.

Running Your PTA… Made Easy provides simplified summaries of the PTA basics that all PTA board members should know. It covers meetings, recruiting volunteers, finance, membership and more.

Reading this basic guide will enhance your experience as a PTA leader and provide you with information on topics you will be likely to reference throughout your term of office.

Download here.