E-Membership Webinar

Unit, Council and District leaders: California State PTA and representatives from TOTEM, our electronic membership system, hosted an informative webinar on Tuesday, January 19th, 2021 from 6:00-7:00 p.m.

Click here to watch a recording of this webinar.

As the pandemic continues, e-membership is more relevant now than ever, with most PTA functions happening virtually – including signing up new members! TOTEM makes joining PTA quick, easy and accessible to parents and families.

Please take the time to watch this webinar and learn how you can leverage all the great online features offered by TOTEM to support and grow your PTA’s membership in 2021

SkyOne Unit Perks – Limited-Time Offer

Special Limited-Time Offer for PTA Units: If your PTA opens an organizational account by March 31, 2021, SkyOne will donate $1000 to your PTA for every 10 members who open individual SkyOne accounts — plus, they’ll reimburse their PTA membership dues for the first year!

Click here for more information and eligibility requirements.

Click here to view or download a shareable flyer.

To watch our recent webinar about this unique Unit Perk, click here.


Attend One of Our Great Membership Idea Exchanges!

Got great membership ideas – or are you perhaps seeking some inspiration?

Join the California State PTA Membership Services commission during our upcoming Zoom brainstorming calls, which are intended to allow members to share membership campaign ideas, or get ideas from other local leaders.


Membership Toolbox for PTA Leaders

Customizable Membership Flier

Customizable Fliers

No need to write that invitation letter from scratch! Here’s an easy way to invite your parents, school staff and community members to join your PTA: the customizable marketing flier.

Simply customize by filling in the blanks on the template, add a few photos and quotes, and save it to your computer. Your customized membership flier can be sent out electronically, or copied and distributed at PTA or community events. Print out the flier in color or black and white, attach a PTA membership envelope, and your membership campaign is on its way! Take a look at a sample flier.

With Prestock Images

Add Your Own Images

Ready-to-Print Fliers and Resources

California State PTA and National PTA offer a variety of FREE resources in multiple languages – ready to download, print and share with parents and families at your school.

Membership Envelopes and Cards

Membership envelopes now are available at a low cost to local PTA units. Contact your district PTA office to place your order today!

Membership Cards: Cardstock membership cards are available through your district PTA. To print member names on the cardstock membership card, a downloadable word template is available. Membership cards should be given to members at the point of sale. Remind your members to create a “PTA Profile” to gain access to national membership resources and year-round savings from PTA member-benefit providers.