PTA Leaders

Encourage the arts with Reflections


Recognize student artwork through the PTA Reflections Art Program. In this section, you’ll find the tools and resources you need to organize a Reflections Art Program at your school.


Getting ready for Reflections includes activities such as publicizing the program, setting a due date to collect student artwork, selecting a judging panel and planning a recognition event for student participants. The 2016-2017 theme is What Is Your Story?

To get started, appoint a Reflections chairman along with four or five committee members to help put together the Reflections Art Program at your school.

Meet to review the resources such as theme, rules for each category and materials on the Reflections Program.

Brainstorm ideas for a Reflections kick off, student art display, judging panel, community sponsors and an awards ceremony.

Delegate different aspects for running a successful program to your committee members to:

  • Develop a Reflections Program timeline and calendar using council and district PTA due dates as well as your school site’s master calendar
  • Submit a Reflections Program budget to your PTA board and association for approval
  • Promote the Reflections Program to your principal and teachers to encourage their buy-in, support and involvement
  • Publicize the program including the annual theme and due dates for students, parents, teachers and community members in newsletters, on campus and on your school website
  • Select an impartial and qualified panel of judges to assess student artwork
  • Enlist the support of local businesses for supplies and student awards
  • Arrange to collect student artwork on your publicized due date
  • Plan a Reflections Award event to recognize each student participant
  • Prepare certificates and order awards for student participants
  • Recruit volunteers to help with hospitality, set up and clean up at your Reflections Award event.


Plan to follow up after your Reflections Awards event by delegating committee members and volunteers to help complete activities such as:

  • Preparing cards or letters of congratulations to send to student participants
  • Writing thank-you notes to those involved in your program including judges, teachers, volunteers and sponsors
  • Sending student entries selected to represent your PTA to your local council/district PTA by their local due date for the next level of judging
  • Completing and submitting Reflections Program forms online for student entries at the council/ district level to National PTA at
  • Returning entries to students whose artwork was not selected for the next level of judging
  • Publicizing the new Reflections theme soon after it’s announced in April 2017 at the annual California State PTA convention
  • Publicizing any Reflections awards given to local students at other levels of judging
  • Updating your Reflections Art Program procedure book so your committee doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel next year.

For more ideas and information, contact your council or district PTA.