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Securing adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth is one of the purposes of California State PTA.

Any unit, council or district PTA may recommend action on legislation to California State PTA’s Board of Managers.


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Review the complete status and calendar reports of current legislation being followed by California State PTA.

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electioncivicsedVoters Pass Statewide Initiatives Supported by California State PTA

On November 8, Californians adopted Proposition 55 and other important initiatives to support student success and safety. California State PTA President Justine Fischer offered the following statement on Election Day results:

“California kids don’t get a do-over — that’s why California State PTA strongly supported Proposition 55 to help our kids and schools thrive. With our public schools and community colleges still recovering from years of recession, we’re thrilled that California parents, families and friends have made their voices heard to help our children’s success — and our state’s future.

“We’re also pleased voters adopted  Proposition 51 to support school construction and modernization, Proposition 56 to fund health programs and reduce teen smoking rates through taxes on tobacco and related products, Proposition 58 to allow parents to choose the best language-based education programs for their own children and Proposition 63 to implement common-sense changes to gun and ammunition acquisition.

“PTA advocates for the education, safety and health of all children, youth and families. California State PTA takes positions on initiatives based on authorities and priorities determined by its members. While Election Day may be over, our work for children, families and communities never is.”

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