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Securing adequate laws for the care and protection of children and youth is one of the purposes of California State PTA.

Any unit, council or district PTA may recommend action on legislation to California State PTA’s Board of Managers.

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Review the complete status and calendar reports of current legislation being followed by California State PTA, organized by subject area:

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PTA Sponsors AB 2680

UPDATE as of 5/27/16 — Despite our best efforts, AB 2680 did not make it off the Assembly Appropriation Committee’s suspense file and will not be going further in the legislative process this year. Read more.

But your efforts still matter: Through discussions with the Governor’s Office and state policymakers as well as through our sponsorship of Assembly Bill 2680, PTA members and volunteers have raised the statewide visibility of the importance of meaningful, authentic family engagement in our children’s educations — and futures.

While we were not able to secure family-engagement state funding through the legislative process this year, our efforts on behalf of families, schools and communities continue — stay tuned as we keep up the call for meaningful family engagement, and thank you for being an advocate for your child and all California children!


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