Governor Announces Budget That Offers Significant Investment in Children and Families

California State PTA is celebrating Governor Newsom’s May revised budget proposal that makes significant investments in California State PTA equity and priority issues, fueled by unexpectedly large tax receipts.

The checklist below gives you a quick summary of major investments:


Universal transitional kindergarten – YES

Community schools – YES

After school and summer programs – YES

Supplemental funding for counselors,
nurses and other student supports – YES

Support programs for teacher/staff
training and retention – YES

Additional support for special education – YES

Additional cost-of-living adjustments – YES

Better funding for student nutrition – YES

More funding for at-risk students – YES

Supplemental funding for foster and
homeless youth – YES

Distance learning options – PTA is looking for more


These all are part of a five-year plan to provide greater wrap-around services for students.

The formal budget will be announced Friday. We’ll give you more details after that. But we are so excited about the extra investments in children that we wanted to give you a heads-up.