Carol Green Begins Two-Year Term as President of California State PTA

SACRAMENTO, JULY 7, 2021 – Carol Green, a dedicated advocate for all children and families, began her term as California State PTA President on July 1, 2021. Green, a passionate volunteer and advocate for children and families, now leads the largest child advocacy association in California as it strives to improve the health, safety, education and welfare of the state’s nine million children.

Green was elected to the 2021-23 term of office. In her new role, she will serve as chair of the Board of Directors and chief executive officer of the nation’s largest and oldest child advocacy organization connecting families, schools and communities.

A resident of San Diego County and mother of three, Green has volunteered in various PTA roles and in numerous other positions supporting children and education. Her service with PTA has included roles at the local, regional, and state levels, including a local unit president, a council president, a district president, and the Vice President for Communications, the Vice President for Membership Services, and President-Elect.

“I can’t think of anything more important than advocating for the health, safety and education of all of our children,” said Green. “We know that when families and schools work together, all children benefit. After the challenging time we have had over the last 16 months, it is more important than ever that we work together to ensure our children get what they need, including mental health support, educational resources, and a support structure to deal with the trauma, grief and loss they have experienced. We must protect our most precious resource.”

Green’s work with PTA has been focused on diversity, equity and inclusion, advocating for California’s most vulnerable children and promoting family engagement for all communities. During her two-year term as president, she hopes to support and encourage new leaders, expand PTA’s, membership and advocate for every child with the largest most inclusive voice possible.

“Carol brings a wealth of experience to the role of President and CEO of the California State PTA,” said Sherry Griffith, Executive Director of California State PTA. “Her dedication, passion and commitment to the children and families of California will take us to the next level of growth and inclusiveness for the organization. Carol will ensure we support the next generation of PTA leaders and members to build back family engagement during what has been such a challenging time in our public school system.”

Green has a bachelor’s degree in communication and journalism from San Diego State University, and worked as a radio and television journalist for more than 20 years. She is currently a communications consultant and public health advocate working with nonprofit organizations to create policy change.

Green looks forward to leading an outstanding Board of Directors during the 2021–2023 term:

  • Carol Green, President
  • Shereen Walter, President-elect
  • Michael Morgan, Vice President for Leadership Services
  • Jeff Price, Vice President for Membership Services
  • Robin Klau, Vice President for Communications
  • Ellen Torres, Vice President for Convention
  • Derby Pattengill, Vice President for Health & Community Concerns
  • Laura Mudge, Vice President for Education
  • Heather Ippolito, Vice President for Family Engagement
  • Lea Darrah, Director of Legislation
  • Abby Fellman, Secretary
  • Laura Hawk-Loya, Treasurer
  • Brad Waller, Parliamentarian
  • Derick Boerner, Chair of the District Presidents
  • Sherry Skelly Griffith, Executive Director


About California State PTA: California State PTA connects families, schools and communities. We are part of the foundation of our public-education system and a trusted messenger to millions of members, parents, families, educators and allied agencies throughout the state. PTA is the nation’s largest volunteer-led child-advocacy association working to drive improvements in the education, health and well-being of all children and families. For more information:


Sherry Skelly Griffith, Executive Director

Robin Klau, Vice President for Communications