California State PTA Response to Governors May Budget Revise

California State PTA President Carol Green has released the following statement in response to the proposed Governor’s May Budget Revise:

California State PTA is pleased that the Governor’s May budget revision includes many PTA priorities. We are encouraged by the projected increase in Proposition 98 funding and the proposed increase in the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) base grant. Adequate and stable school funding has been a long time PTA priority. Although we appreciate the direction of this proposal, we urge the Governor to embrace the significantly larger LCFF base grant increases proposed by the Legislature and supported by California State PTA.  Further, we renew our commitment to seek stable, ongoing funding rather than fluctuating and one-time funding.

PTA Priorities:

  • Nutrition Adding $611.8 million to the Universal school meals program to ensure reimbursement rates for schools continue when the federal funding ends (current funding ends 6/30/22 unless Congress acts to extend this program).
  • LCFF Base Funding May Revise proposes an increase of $2.1 billion, about three-percent, to the LCFF base funding. This will impact students in all public schools in California and we encourage the administration to go further to increase the funding closer to what is proposed in the legislature.
  • K-12 facilities $3.9 billion in facilities over the next three years for modernization and new construction. To address outstanding school maintenance and energy efficient upgrade, the governor is proposing an additional $1.8 billion.
  • Expanded Learning Opportunities This budget proposal would fully fund the implementation of the Expanded Learning Opportunities per classroom based ADA Program (ELOP) four years ahead of schedule. This proposal would allocate $2500 for every low income student, English language learner and foster youth in grades Tk-6 in the state.
  • Pre-Kindergarten Education
    • State Preschool Family Fee Waivers – waiving the family share cost for children participating in the State Preschool Program for the 2022-2023 school year
    • State Preschool Program – increased funding via adjustment factors for students with disabilities and dual language learners in the State Preschool Program

We are hopeful that the proposed Discretionary Block Grant will allow school districts to use one-time funds to address student learning challenges, support the mental health and wellness of students and staff and allow local decision making on how best to use the funds to support our local school communities.

The increase to 6.56% to the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) from the proposal of 5.33% in January is improving news, although this still puts school districts behind inflation which is just over 8%. This highlights the need to pursue the Legislature’s proposals to further increase LCFF base funding.

PTA is also encouraged to see the Governor’s commitment to invest  in special education, community schools, mental health services, early literacy, community engagement, STEM instruction and teacher and staff retention and recruitment.

California State PTA will continue to work with both the administration and Legislature to ensure the needs of California’s children and families are met. As PTA members, this is an opportunity for advocacy both locally and throughout California.


Read the statement from California State PTA President, Carol Green in response to the proposed 2022-2023 Governor’s Budget.