California State PTA Announces 2017–2019 Board of Directors

July 1, 2017

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Longtime PTA volunteer is new president of California’s largest child-advocacy organization

SACRAMENTO – Dianna MacDonald, a resident of Sonoma County, is the new president of California State PTA, leading the association of nearly 800,000 members in advocating for the education, health and welfare of California’s 9 million children.

MacDonald was elected to the 2017 – 2019 term of office, which begins July 1. In her new role, MacDonald will serve as chief executive officer of California State PTA and chairman of the Board of Directors. California State PTA is the nation’s largest and highest profile child-advocacy organization and strives to connect families, schools and communities.

MacDonald is a strong believer in the importance of family engagement and early-childhood education. She looks forward to working with stakeholders and members of the Education Coalition, as well as strengthening outreach to young Californians and their families.

“As the California State PTA’s new president, I will devote my time to supporting the PTA mission – to make a positive impact on the lives of all children and their families. Since 1897, PTA has been a crucial advocate for every single child, and I’m proud to be part of such an important organization,” said MacDonald.

MacDonald has served the PTA at the local, regional, and state levels in many roles, including family engagement advocate, leadership mentor and vice president for education. Her work with PTA has been focused on closing the achievement gap, early childhood education and supporting military families.

She and her husband Mike have three sons, and she credits PTA with teaching her how to be an advocate for her own children which led her to become an advocate for all children in California.

“I have seen first-hand the impact we make with changing laws to support children and families in California, and that’s powerful for me,” said MacDonald. “If it can change my life and my family’s, it can change others’ as well.”

California State PTA has a long tradition of speaking up and speaking out on behalf of all children and families at national, state, regional and local levels.  Joining your local PTA is a great way to support your child’s education. Contact your local school or principal to sign up.

2017 – 2019 California State PTA Board of Directors

  • Dianna MacDonald, President
  • Celia Jaffe, President-elect
  • Tom Horn, Vice President for Leadership Services
  • Carol Green, Vice President for Membership Services
  • Brad Waller, Vice President for Communications
  • Julie Redmond, Vice President for Special Events
  • Shereen Walter, Vice President for Health & Community Concerns
  • Mary Perry, Vice President for Education
  • Lynn Miyamoto, Vice President for Family Engagement
  • Deborah Johnson, Secretary
  • Kathy Corzine, Treasurer
  • Maggie Steel, Parliamentarian
  • Lea Darrah, Director of Legislation
  • Martha Deutsch, Chair of the District Presidents
  • Sherry Skelly Griffith, Executive Director