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  • TODAY Parenting Guides

    NBC News Learn

    This website provides an incredibly rich selection of articles and videos to help parents support their kids in school and in life, including their academic, physical and social emotional growth. It’s from the NBC network in collaboration with the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

  • Arbor Day in the Classroom (or at Home)

    The Morton Arboretum

    The Morton Arboretum has created a list of lessons for grades preK through 12 to learn more about the amazing world of trees! These activities can be used in a classroom, by a parent in the home, or as part of a science night at school.

  • Activities and Guides about Trees

    National Wildlife Federation

    The National Wildlife Federation has created activity books for parents and children centered around understanding the importance of trees. These booklets have crafts, hands-on activities, experiments, and songs to sing all to help see the beauty and importance of trees.

  • Learning Heroes Readiness Check

    Use the fun, short activities to get a gut check on how your child is doing with key math and reading skills and get resources for learning at home. It’s organized by subject and grade level, and based on your child’s results, the site suggests fun, free activities to help set your child up for success in their next grade.

  • Arts in Education Month Webinar

    California State Parent Teacher Association

    California State PTA Arts Leaders host a fun and informative night where they showcase some at-home arts activities for you and your family and provide resources for how you can learn more about arts education in California.

  • Why Art? Posters and Banners


    Download and print the Arts=Opportunity’s new WHY ART? posters to hang in your classroom, library or office. Feel free to customize the tools and make them your own.

  • Coping with Traumatic Events

    National Institute of Mental Health

    A traumatic event is a shocking, scary, or dangerous experience that can affect someone emotionally and physically. Researchers are investigating the factors that help people cope or that increase their risk for other physical or mental health problems following a traumatic event.

  • 7 Ways Parents Can Help Their Teens Manage Stress

    Cincinnati Children's Hospital

    Let’s face it. We’re all stressed, and our teenagers are no exception. They have higher expectations to perform better in school, excel in extracurricular activities and community service, and respond to social media. It’s no surprise that teen stress levels often rival those of adults.

    • Audience: Parents, Educators, PTA Leaders
    • Resource Type: Web Site
    • Hub Category: Community Concerns, Health
    • Grade Level: K-12
  • Managing Stress


    Stress is all too natural. But here are some tips for keeping it under control.

    • Audience: Parents, Educators, PTA Leaders
    • Resource Type: Video
    • Hub Category: Community Concerns, Health
    • Grade Level: K-12

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