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  • Vision for School and Student Success

    Turnaround for Children

    Knowledge from educational practice and research together clearly points towards a whole-child purpose as the driving force of school transformation, which is actualized through a set of systems, structures and practices that promote a supportive environment, developmental relationships and integrated academic, skill and mindset development for all students.

  • K-12 Toolkit for Mental Health Promotion & Suicide Prevention

    Heard Alliance

    This Toolkit was created in 2013 in response to school communities’ need to address student mental and emotional wellness in order to prevent suicide and to provide evidence based information about how to intervene in a crisis or after a suicide loss.

  • Preventing Suicide: A Toolkit for High Schools

    Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

    Preventing Suicide: A Toolkit for High Schools was funded by the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to help high schools, school districts, and their partners design and implement strategies to prevent suicide and promote behavioral health among their students.

  • Infant CPR Blog

    Blog with posts on child and infant safety, health and parenting tips

    • Audience: Parents
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    • Hub Category: Health, Parenting, Safety
    • Grade Level: Pre-K-12
  • COVID-19 Resource and Information Guide


    The coronavirus (COVID-19) has resulted in an unprecedented crisis that affects not only our physical health and daily lives, but also our mental health. To address these needs, NAMI is committed to providing credible information and resources to help people navigate through this crisis. In this guide, you will find answers to questions ranging from how to manage anxiety during this difficult time, to how to access medication while in quarantine, to how to deal with the loss of a loved one to COVID-19.

  • Supporting Learning in the COVID-19 Context: Research to Guide Distance and Blended Instruction

    Policy Analysis for California Education

    Though the delivery of instruction in the 2020–21 school year will be altered to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, a long-standing research base on high-quality instruction can inform decisions about students’ learning and engagement. The following ten recommendations distill the key findings from the PACE report Supporting Learning in the COVID-19 Context, which offers a framework for educators and district leaders to use in their preparation to provide quality instruction through distance and blended models.

  • Child Mind Institute-Resources for Families

    Child Mind Institute

    When a child is struggling, the whole family is affected. Child Mind Institute helps to navigate concerns and challenges from parents and provide expert guidance on how to respond in the most effective way. They offer resources that can help get the best care and the best outcome for children that need support your family.

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