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  • Understanding STEAM and How Children Use It

    National Center on Early Childhood Development, Teaching and Learning

    Although intended as a resource for staff working in early education, this informative piece will help all adults understand how young children engage with STEAM concepts and provide ideas for exploring and developing STEAM experiences for the youngest children.

  • Arts Education is the New Normal

    California State Parent Teacher Association

    Watch this interactive webinar where state partners share the newest resources and essential information about Arts Education in the new landscape of Distance Learning.

    • Published: October 29, 2020
    • Audience: Parents, Educators, PTA Leaders
    • Resource Type: Video
    • Hub Category: Arts, Parenting, Student Success
    • Grade Level: K-12
  • Parents’ Guide for Safe YouTube and Internet Streaming for Kids


    Parents work hard to keep their children safe from so many different dangers, but every day they are exposed to countless threats online. Predators, disturbing content, identity theft attempts, and other things you wouldn’t let them experience in real life are all waiting for them. Learn more about what to watch out for to keep your children safe online.

  • Lexile and Quantile Tools

    MetaMetrics Inc.

    Approved by the CA Dept of Education, this site provides a vast array of tools to support learning in English language arts (lexile tools) and math (quantile tools). Parents have open access to many of them and can register free to get even more.

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