PTA Leaders

Start Your Term Out Right!

It’s a new PTA year and you want to get things going correctly, right from the start. Here are some ideas to make that happen:

  • Make sure the contact information for your current board has been entered in the online Officer/Board Member Contact system so that both your district PTA and state PTA know how to get in touch and share information.
  • Find out who your council and district PTA counterparts are and ask them for the council and district calendar of due dates so you can plan your activities.
  • Fill any officer vacancies with an election by the board and make sure everyone is in agreement about what it means to be a PTA leader. Plan-team building activities and participate in goal-setting as soon as possible.
  • With your new board, review the bylaws immediately. Many job responsibilities, required tasks and deadline dates are listed in the bylaws. Have board members on the same page about who does what and when. Check the last approval date to see if your PTA’s bylaws are in need of updating; which should be done every 5 years.
  • Review the Mission Statement of PTA. Share often in board and association meetings to remind people what you are doing what you do!
  • Establishing good working relationships and building a team that works well together takes some attention. Setting ground rules for meetings and establishing goals for the work of your PTA is a great first step. Don’t forget to focus on what PTA is all about!