Meet the Incoming, 2023-25 California State PTA Board of Directors

2023-2025 Board of Directors

Incoming California State PTA President – 2023-25 Term
Shereen Walter, Fourth District PTA
Shereen Walter Shereen has been involved with PTA for over 20 years, becoming involved for the same reason many parents do, to make a difference at her own child’s school. She has found a passion for helping all children and families in California with her work as the California State PTA Community Concerns Advocate and as the VP of Health & Community Concerns, prior to her becoming President Elect in 2021. She earned her BS in Geophysical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines and her MBA from the University of California, Irvine. She has three grown children, Stephanie, Lindsey and Dylan.
Heather Ippolito, Thirty-Fourth District PTA
Heather Ippolito Heather Ippolito is wife to her high-school sweetheart, Ron, and mother to Liliana. She has a teaching credential and a masters degree in curriculum development. She first began her PTA career while teaching at Valley View Community School in Santa Clarita, California. Heather has served at the unit, council, district and state levels, most recently as California State PTA Vice President for Family Engagement. She is so proud to serve on the PTA to benefit the lives of children and families across the state.
Vice President for Leadership Services
Laura Ann Hawk-Loya, Twelfth District PTA
Laura Ann Hawk-Loya Laura Ann Hawk-Loya has been involved in PTA for over 20 years and most recently served as California State PTA Treasurer. She started at her local elementary school when her oldest son was in kindergarten, although technically she has been attending PTA meetings since she herself was in kindergarten, as she would sometimes accompany her mother to meetings. She currently works with special education students in her local school district. She lives in Moorpark with her husband, two sons, two dogs, a cat, and the various critters they bring home.
Vice President for Membership Services
Ellen Torres, First District PTA
Laura Ann Hawk-Loya Ellen Torres started her PTA journey when her oldest son entered kindergarten. She has served in many PTA positions during her 30+ years of volunteering including president at the elementary, middle school, high school, council and district levels. She has also served on the California State PTA Board of Managers as VP for Convention, Membership Service Commission, Student Involvement Committee and chaired the Scholarship and Grants Committee. She is an active community volunteer in South Pasadena and a passionate advocate for all children. Ellen has been married to Edward for 45 years and is the mother to four adult children.
Vice President for Communications
Barbara Smith, Thirty-First District PTA
Barbara Smith Barbara Smith took on leadership roles in the PTA twenty years ago when her son Nicholas entered kindergarten. She has a wonderful sense of humor and enjoys working closely with other people. She takes tasks to a new level – be it personalized biographical journals for an entire 2nd grade or working with units in her District to get them all active on Totem. In her personal opinion, there are no impossible tasks, just opportunities to learn new skills in order to accomplish goals.
Vice President for Convention
Will Sanford, Thirty-Second District PTA
Will Sanford Will Sanford, has been an active unit, council, district and State PTA leader for over 25 years. He has served as a commissioner on the California State PTA Convention Commission for 18 years. He is focused on helping PTAs to be fully inclusive of all community members to ensure that all children have an opportunity to learn and grow.
Vice President for Health & Community Concerns
Marilyn Lucey, Thirty-Second District PTA
Marilyn Lucey Marilyn Cachola Lucey is a longtime PTA supporter, having served as president at the unit, council, and district PTA levels. Her work at the state level has centered on DEI, legislative advocacy, and education, and she has had a role at National PTA identifying and recruiting leaders. She currently works as legislative staff, and worked professionally in public education and nonprofit sectors. She is proud of her affiliation with ACLU, First 5, and Moms Demand Action. She has a graduate degree from the school of counseling psychology and education. She lives in the SF Bay Area with her neurodiverse family.
Vice President for Education
Brad Waller, Thirty-Third District PTA
Brad Waller Brad Waller is a serial volunteer, Internet entrepreneur, and high technology business owner. Trained in Physics (MIT), Brad has worked in engineering and marketing for the last 30 years. Education is a passion, as Brad has served numerous PTA positions at the unit, council, district, state, and national levels; and been a member of two school boards. Brad started his career in the Aerospace industry doing things he can’t talk about – working in advanced infrared technology, project management, and marketing. Brad lives in Redondo Beach with his wife of 30 years and has a daughter who recently graduated from college.
Vice President for Family Engagement
Anita Avrick, Thirty-Third District PTA
Anita Avrick Anita has been a part of PTA since 1993. She has served in almost every position within PTA, including membership chair, financial secretary, treasurer, auditor, parliamentarian, legislation chair, convention chair and first VP. She was also the president at an elementary, middle and high school, Council and District. She has served on the California State PTA Board of Managers for the last ten years. She has also served as a Trustee on her local school board.
Nicholas Smetak, Thirty-Second District PTA
Nicholas Smetak Nicholas has served at different levels and roles of the PTA and has leaned on his experience as a manager to do so successfully. Delegation, trust, and active listening are important when working with many individuals. As a PTA District Convention Chair, he came in under budget and even saved the District money. He also has served on a local PFLAG board in Contra Costa. PFLAG aligns with PTA values in wanting the best for ALL students and families.
Derick Boerner, Ninth District PTA
Derick Boener Derick Boerner has 10+ years of experience in PTA. He has served as a unit leader in most positions, starting his PTA journey as Treasurer of his daughter’s elementary school. He has since served at the council and district levels, with a particular interest in legislative advocacy. As an accountant, Derick has also offered his financial leadership to PTA in various capacities. He is married to Alexis, a Special Education teacher, and is the proud father to Sydney and Audrey. Derick believes that all children deserve a quality public education and truly respects that PTA works for ALL CHILDREN.
Director of Legislation (appointed by President Elect)
Kathleen Fay, Fourth District PTA
Kathleen Fay Kathleen has been a volunteer leader for many organizations supporting children, youth, and the community for more than 20 years. She has a business background as a stockbroker, investment advisor, real estate specialist, and healthcare industry analyst. With PTA, she has been a leader at the unit, council, district, and state levels, including more than 15 years in legislative advocacy. She served on California State PTA’s Legislation Team, Family Engagement Commission, and Board of Managers. She has been recognized for her service to youth by her school district board of trustees, by the California State Assembly, and by PTA as a Golden Oak award recipient. Most of all, she appreciates doing this with the warm support of her wonderful husband and two adult sons.
Parliamentarian (appointed by President Elect)
Becca Marks-Anderson, Twenty-Third District PTA
Becca Marks-Anderson Becca “fell into PTA” just over 10 years ago, and since then she has served in a variety of positions at the unit, council, district, and state levels. With a professional background in nonprofit management and development, knowing the rules of nonprofit governance (including the ins and outs of bylaws) – so we can all know how to better work within them to make great things happen – has always been of interest to her, as well as helping to make sure that things are as clean, clear, and purposeful as possible. Becca’s goal has always been to help as many people as possible on the path toward a better reality for all children.
2023-24 Chair of the District Presidents (elected by the District Presidents)
Diane Hyland, First District PTA
Diane Hyland Diane has over 22 years of leadership experience at all levels of PTA. She served on the National PTA Hispanic/Latino Outreach Initiative and is the current chair of the National PTA Convention Committee. She has served at the state level of PTA on the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, the Health & Community Concerns Commission, and on the legislation team. She has served as a local leader in several roles at the council and unit level. Diane’s family is her true joy. She is married to Ken Hyland, is the proud Mom to Alicia and Elizabeth, and loves being grandma to five grandchildren. Diane believes that a free, quality, public education is the right of every child in our great country.