Job #1 for the New Year: Getting Ready for PTA Elections

by California State PTA Leadership Services Commission

January may seem early for thinking about your PTA officers for next year, but it’s time! Keep on schedule with these three vital tasks and ensure leadership continuity for your PTA going forward.
Task #1: Make sure your nominating committee has been elected and is making progress.
Check in with your nominating committee today to determine their progress in identifying nominees for the next term. Or use these tips to get your nominating committee formed if you haven’t done so already.
Task #2: Publish the notice of your annual meeting and the nominated slate of officers. 
As specified in  PTA bylaws, the date of the annual meeting announcement (notice) must be published 30 days in advance of the meeting, while the slate must be shared with members 28 days in advance. 
Task #3: Review the guidance from the California State PTA on chairing your election.Review the blog article “Make Sure You’re Prepared for Your PTA’s Annual Meeting” and information in the California State PTA Toolkit, Running Your PTA section, to look like the meeting pro that you are! 

Use our step-by-step guides to help you and your leadership team sail through these tasks and keep your PTA strong.