Hoping to See You at Convention

by California State PTA Membership Services Commission

Join us at the Convention! Celebrate PTA Membership & Programs

The members of the Membership Services Commission are the people who have been bringing you Membership Mondays. We have also done countless office hours, workshops, and trainings to help grow PTA membership statewide. We have loved getting to know so many of you and hope to be able to meet you in person at Convention. 

In PTA, we know we are all each other’s cheerleaders and we’ve been so impressed and grateful for your devotion to growing our membership this term. We have grown so strong together to build our KIND of PTA! 

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Share Your Membership Story and get a Convention Ribbon!

We continue to grow towards our goal of being 1 million members again! If you join us at the Convention, come to the Reflections Gallery and share your PTA story. Give us a paragraph or record a short video! We want to share your passion for PTA Membership so we can continue to grow our membership to continue our 126-year legacy and stay strong for the next 126 years! Convention is a special time where we are able to show off our ribbons and share our legacy and leadership in this amazing organization!

Learn & Network with Membership Experts At Convention

Our Convention workshops will help you and the membership chairs-elect to hit the ground running in July for the new term!

  • ABCs & 123s of Membership.  This workshop will help you learn the basics, building a membership campaign, implementing a membership drive, and continuing to make your membership stronger and more inclusive! Those that attend will get special membership kits via QR code!
  • Advanced Membership.  Are you returning to your membership role? Then this is the class for you! Learn about analyzing your membership numbers, think about surveying your membership to see what more you can do. Think strategically about underrepresented communities that should be members of your PTA!
  • DEI & PTA.  Our entire community should be members of PTA! This workshop will be a joint presentation between Membership Services Commission & Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee to give you strategies and tips to be more inclusive with your membership. DEI should be a priority for everyone! Especially for Membership! 

Last Chance to Apply to Win Membership Incentives & Challenges

We are seeing your membership success all through the state! This is your reminder to make sure you are recognized for the great work you are doing and something you can show your members to keep them excited about PTA. 

All units, councils, and districts that qualify for the Best in 5 Award will receive a recognition ribbon at the 2023 California State PTA Convention. 

And to cap off the 2022-23 year, units that increase membership over their 2021-2022 membership total will earn the following award:

Bronze: 1-24% 

Silver: 25-49%

Gold: 50-74% 

Platinum: 75-100%

Each unit will receive a certificate of recognition. Units earning the silver, gold, or platinum award will receive a Membership Marvel pin for their unit’s membership chair. No application is required. Due Date: 4/30/23.

Learn more through the new leaders website.

e-Membership/Totem Tip!

Make your membership transition smooth! Invite new leaders to your Totem accounts. Teach them how to use it or encourage them to attend Convention or Fall membership trainings so they can plan and get ready for the next term! Learn how to invite new leaders.