School Smarts for PTA Leaders

School Smarts helps develop more confident parent leaders, promotes diversity and raises awareness of PTA’s mission.










Graduates of School Smarts programs are more likely to volunteer at school and in PTA, plus all participants benefit from learning more about the education system and how to help their own children and school. Once they complete the program, parents and others in parental roles feel more confident in their ability to help their children succeed at school.

The program is offered in partnership with school districts and PTAs. All parents are welcome to participate. Arts activities and discussions engage parents and help them get to know each other school leaders better. These relationships are the foundation for building more cohesive communities.

Contact us at to find out how to get involved! Download, print and share the brochure with your school and districts leaders – ask them to bring School Smarts to your school!


School Smarts:

  • Helps families to understand the education system
  • Helps parents help their children succeed in school
  • Is a catalyst for inclusiveness
  • Increases parent volunteer and leadership capacity
  • Encourages parents to become advocates for a complete education that includes the arts.

School Smarts is also a proven strategy to:

  • Increase PTA membership
  • Develop advocates for children
  • Create potential future leaders.

School Smarts helps PTA units, councils and districts by:

  • Helping parents understand the value of parent involvement
  • Introducing diverse parents to the value of PTA
  • Increasing PTA membership, as well as volunteer and leadership capacity.


  • “There is no shortcut to meaningfully engaging parents. It takes time to develop. It’s an ongoing ramping up of information to parents so that they understand their vital role in the process. We know that when parents are involved in their child’s education and advocate for high-quality education…their students are more successful.” — California State PTA Past President
  • “Our (PTA) Council and school district’s investment in funding the School Smarts program underscores our commitment to the kind of meaningful parent engagement that truly makes a difference for our students.” — PTA Council President
  • “I left the School Smarts graduation so inspired. I wanted to figure out how we could have this program in San Diego.  With the blessing of my council, the state PTA and the superintendent of San Diego Unified, we piloted the School Smarts program at two schools last year and four schools this year.” — PTA Council President
  • “The School Smarts program is a great way to encourage, educate, and empower parents and families. It allows participants to learn about their school community and how they can be an ongoing part of their child’s academic success.  It provides a positive social environment to meet with other parents with the same concerns and common goals. We are so fortunate in Riverside Unified School District to be a part of this program. It has empowered parents to be active advocates for their children and our greater community.  Together we make a difference.” —  PTA District Past President