What Families and PTAs Can Do to Support Civic Learning

Revitalizing K-12 civic learning in California will be a long process that will require strong and enduring commitments, and it is going to take effort from everyone. While we seek to implement the policy changes recommended here, we can each take action immediately to improve civic learning opportunities for all students.

As we chart the course for K-12 education in the 21st century, we must work together to bring quality civic learning opportunities to all children in California. Together, we can realize California’s civic promise and ensure that our schools fulfill their vital civic mission.

If we want to reach all children, policy has to set the context, but we do not have to wait for new policies to be in place before we take action to improve civic learning in California. There are many things we can do right away. The following suggestions come from hundreds of people like you.


  • Talk to their children about what they are learning in civics.
  • Vote, if eligible, and take their child with them.
  • Read the news and talk about news and politics with their children.
  • Attend public meetings and tell their children about what happens there.
  • Advocate for civic learning in schools.


  • Start a PTA award for outstanding civics projects.
  • Organize a “speakers bureau” for presenters such as local city council members and legislators on current events topics.
  • Organize volunteers to help with civics projects.
  • Host candidate forums and provide voter registration for parents.
  • Encourage families to vote.
  • Advocate for civic learning in school.

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