7 Ways Cheddar Up Simplifies PTA Event Management

by Sponsored content from Cheddar Up

Cheddar Up began as a payment platform geared for groups — specifically PTAs like yours. But over the years, users have discovered another ideal use: event management. Given Cheddar Up’s automation, versatility, customization, simplicity, and detailed reporting, it’s a logical progression to want to run all your organization’s finances and event logistics from one dashboard. (Not to mention the time and money saved by utilizing just one tool.)

Here are a few ways Cheddar Up can help simplify your PTA’s next event.

  1. Streamlined event-registration process 

Instead of a stack of forms to distribute, collect, sort, and count, you can simply share one URL or QR code for a custom payment page that accepts event payments and contact information (or any other details you need — the forms are entirely customizable) in the same transaction. You can even require fields in order to check out, which prevents follow-up for necessary details.

Having one online, secure registration spot helps encourage prompt payments because the format is convenient — many people have card information already stored in their phones — and because they can complete all registration needs in one step. Cheddar Up does not require an account to pay, which makes this even easier.

It’s also easier for organizers because you don’t have to track down money or details. As people pay, Cheddar Up’s reporting features automatically organize, consolidate, and tally the information. Plus, you can cap quantities and enforce deadlines with a set ending time.

  1. Specified collections and items for each event

In Cheddar Up vernacular, a “collection” is a payment page dedicated to one purpose, and “items” are the purchase options inside a collection. For instance, if your PTA is sponsoring a dance, the collection would be for the dance itself, and the items may include tickets and photo presales. 

Logistically, this means your PTA has readymade “buckets” for every event instead of one large “pot” to scroll through. (And no empty check memo lines.) As the organizer, you don’t have to guess where money goes, and you can see at-a-glance in the report center how much you’ve raised for each event — and the total across all your collections.

This also benefits purchasers because they know exactly what to buy and for how much. 

  1. NEW! Simple sign ups for event volunteers

This brand new form option enables you to recruit event volunteers and view the list directly from your central Cheddar Up dashboard — no additional browser tabs and sign-ins required. (Or misplaced loose-leaf notebook paper.) Being able to post volunteer and contributor needs at the same URL as registration can help ensure people see the available opportunities, and that you get the volunteer information you need.

  1. Integrated point-of-sale for tickets and other on-site event purchases

With the Cheddar Up card reader and point-of-sale (POS) functionality, you can also accept credit card payments on the spot, and purchases instantly integrate with all your online quantities and records. You could sell tickets at the door, concessions, shirts, silent auction items; the options are endless.

Event volunteers can run Cheddar Up’s POS system without needing access to your account, which is hugely helpful and secure.

  1. Customized receipt for event details 

Save yourself extra emails with Cheddar Up’s customizable receipt feature. Include all event details so that, one, you don’t need to follow up with them, and two, attendees can find their registration confirmation and essential information in one consolidated email. 

Some PTAs also use this space to include their Tax IDs, and it may be thoughtful to share a simple thank-you message and plans for the proceeds.

  1. Consolidated Message Center to communicate with attendees and volunteers

Ever triple-check the “To:” line to make sure you’ve included every email address? The smart Cheddar Up Message Center does that for you. With a simple selection, you can contact everyone who has registered for your event, or even simply visited your collection. This is also a great way to manage volunteers. 

Additionally, you can upload your list of PTA members’ emails into your account’s Address Book, and their contact info is always at your fingertips. Use this resource to share your event collections, encourage registration, and send automatic reminders. Everything you send via the Message Center is archived, which helps your paper trail.

  1. Automated, downloadable custom reports for event entry

If you don’t want to worry about creating tickets, you can run a report with only purchasers’ names, download it as a spreadsheet, and there’s your entry checklist. We love an easy button!  

Ready to plan an event with Cheddar Up? Click here to give it a try for free.


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