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September 2021 – Grow Membership with Inclusion

September 2021 Monthly Focus: Grow Membership with Inclusion

This month’s Social Media Kit is intended to supplement your existing membership program materials, celebrate Global Diversity Month in October and help you reach and engage with new audiences.  We want to help and support you in spreading the word:  “This is your kind of PTA”.  

Use the copy and images provided in this kit on your social media accounts, in your newsletters and announcements, and even in your zoom calls. Thank you to all our fellow PTA communicators as you connect, include, inspire your community, and grow PTA.   

Download the September images here: 
1.  Our PTA is Your KIND of PTA. Membership doesn’t mean volunteering. Become a member to support your child’s education and our school. 
2. We want you to join our PTA!  Help us build a community that is inclusive and supportive of every student at our school. 
3. Diversity, equity, and inclusion cannot be the stand-alone work of one committee. It is the work of every PTA member to support families and children in their community.
4. PTAs are strongest when their leaders and members reflect the diversity of their own communities. Join us, and help make our school as inclusive as possible. 
5. Well-informed, engaged parents make a difference for student success in school and beyond.  
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