Create CA Arts Education Convening


The Create CA Arts Education Convening is designed for the entire arts education sector of current and emerging leadership including arts educators, administrators, parents and creative industry. California State PTA is part of the Create CA Statewide Arts Education Coalition as a joint effort to ensure every child has access to a complete curriculum including the arts. Join PTA and other leaders as we work together to evaluate current strategies and collaborate on new ideas.


  • October 15-16, 2018
  • San Jose, CA
    • Day 1: Montevelo Arts Center
    • Day 2: DoubleTree Hotel

Register NOW at for the early bird price of $150 for both days!


Plus,don’t miss the launch of the Public Will Campaign. California State PTA is helping to lead this effort and is chairing the committee featuring Task Force founder, Yosi Sergant.

Yosi Sergant is considered by many one of the premier voices and most prolific producers of strategic cultural organizing and has been invited to speak at and consult with some of the most important foundations, universities, companies and think tanks worldwide.

During the 2008 Presidential campaign, Sergant engaged artists in a vast viral movement, supporting then candidate Senator Barack Obama, the most prominent of which is the now ubiquitous “HOPE poster” he commissioned and ran with artist Shepard Fairey. Sergant commissioned and supported thousands of creative projects during the campaign with the intention of decentralizing endorsement to include people who normally don’t participate in the election process.

Following the election, Sergant served in the White House Office of Public Engagement before accepting an appointment as the Director of Communications for the National Endowment for the Arts.

In 2010, Sergant launched TaskForce, the premiere pro-social cultural organizing agency that engages leaders of the creative community in strategic, high-impact initiatives designed to raise awareness and build momentum for organizations tackling our world’s most pressing challenges.

“California has always been a beacon for dreamers, a home for creative industries and a state that invests in the vibrant futures of all its residents. TaskForce is thrilled to work with Create CA to ensure that legacy continues through a deep and meaningful investment in modern community organizing and creative communication strategies. The campaign will coalesce the various stakeholder organizations, industries and individuals that understand the role a quality arts education plays in shaping our state’s future.” – Yosi Sergant, Founder of TaskForce