Communications Monthly Call

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Join the Communications Commission monthly call/office hours to learn how to expand your social media presence and ask your questions!  Register in advance for these webinars. SOCIAL MEDIA KITS can be found in the Leaders’ Website. 

Can’t make this month’s call? Save the date for a future call, and check back here often for updates and registration links.

All calls are from 7:00 – 8:00 pm. Calls are not recorded.

  • Thursday, August 18
  • Thursday, September 15: Topic: Communicating in election season, new Leaders’ Website, and office hours
    Find this month’s handout with links to resources on the Leaders’ Website
  • Thursday, October 20: Topic: How PTAs can promote Media Literacy. Join California State PTA Communications Commissioner Mary Perry for an overview of PTA-safe resources you can share in your school community. Digital Citizenship Handout
    • Thursday, December 8: All PTA members are welcome.  Register now!
      Guest Speaker: A Student and members of the 17th District PTA Board
      Topic: How 17th District PTA worked with students in a computer science class to completely redo their PTA website
  • Thursday, January 19:All PTA members are welcome.  Register now!
    Office Hours – bring your questions and discuss your PTA Communications challenges.
    Social Media Kit: Founders’ Day 2023 – logos, social media posts, and a 126 years proclamation kit
  • Thursday, February 16:All PTA members are welcome to join us for our office hours.  Register now!
  • Thursday, March 16: All PTA members are welcome to join us for our office hours.  Register now
  • Thursday, May 18: All PTA members are welcome to join us for office hours and a review of the 2023 Convention Workshop classes on free digital tools and elevating your PTA communications.  Register now!



  • Who can/should attend? All PTA members and leaders are welcome and encouraged to attend. We know that sometimes there is not a dedicated Communications Officer and that the work is done by a volunteer leader(s) with other titles. We always include at least 15 minutes for general Q&A and can also set up 1:1 calls if needed.
  • Are the monthly calls recorded? We don’t record these calls because the technical updates on social media platforms and other communication technologies change so frequently that the recordings would be out of date within weeks.  If there are handouts, logos (as .png or .pdf files), or updated Social Media Kit materials provided, we do post them on the Communication section of the Leaders’ Website the week after the call. Links to editable Canva templates are only provided during the call.
  • Where else can I get help/training? The Communications Commission offers workshops at the California State PTA Convention and hosts a Communications Booth for 1:1 support at the convention.