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PTA Bylaws Review – 4 Key Steps

1. Get started!


  •  Appoints bylaws committee, chaired by parliamentarian


  • Sets meeting date for bylaws committee
  • Goes online – – to sign up for California State PTA’s e-Bylaws Program to update bylaws
  • Reviews current bylaws prior to meeting
  • Provides copies of current bylaws for bylaws committee members

Bylaws Committee:

  • Reviews current bylaws to see if any changes are necessary
  • Lists proposed amendments, including article, section and page number


  • Uses e-Bylaws Program to complete and then download a pdf of updated bylaws with amendments, if any
  • Prints double-sided, hard copy of bylaws to keep for unit reference and files if filing by mail. If sending bylaws electronically, save it in pdf format for submission

Executive Board:

  • Reviews updated bylaws with proposed amendments, if any, at board meeting
  • Votes to approve
  • Secretary records outcome in Minutes

2. Submit Bylaws


  • Makes double-sided copies of bylaws
  • Sends to council, if in council, or district:

1. Three (3) double-sided, copies of bylaws
2. Four (4) additional signature pages
3. Completed Bylaws Submittal Form, listing proposed amendments, if any (download from California State PTA Toolkit online at
4. Work with your council or district parliamentarian to see if you can submit your bylaws electronically

3. Adopt Bylaws

After approved bylaws are signed by the State Parliamentarian and returned to your unit through channels:


  • Puts adoption of bylaws amendments on agenda for next association meeting
  • Notifies members of proposed amendments at least 30 days in advance of meeting


  • Vote to adopt bylaws at association meeting, with a two-thirds (2/3) vote required

President and Secretary:

  • Sign and date master set of bylaws for secretary to keep in his/her files
  • Sign and date copies of bylaws for the president and parliamentarian

4. Complete Review Process


  • Sends two (2) copies of signed and dated signature page to council, if in council, or one (1) to district PTA to file
  • Makes copies of bylaws for executive board members to keep in files

Questions? Contact your PTA Council/District parliamentarian

CAPTA Electronic Bylaws Program

Did you know that there’s a fast and easy way to update unit bylaws, using the California State PTA’s e-Bylaws Program online?

HOW TO SIGN UP – Before using e-Bylaws, get a user name and password:

  • Go online to and click on e-Bylaws.
  • On the e-Bylaws home page, click on the Request a Password button.
  • Fill in the form with your name and contact information. Select your user type. If you are not the unit parliamentarian, select unit assistant. Click Next.
  • Select your PTA district number/name and your PTA council name. Type in your school name, city and your California State PTA unit ID number found in your current bylaws. If you can’t find it, contact your council or district for this number.
  • Enter a user name, all lower case, and write it down. Click Next, then Done to submit your request. You will be emailed your password in three to five days.

HOW TO USE E-BYLAWS – Once you have a password, go online to e-Bylaws:

  • Click the Build e-Bylaws button and log on with your user name and password.
  • Your unit data will appear. If this is your first time adding data to e-Bylaws, you will get a message that bylaws information is incomplete. Click on OK to dismiss this message.
  • The first screen is the Unit Information Record. This information can only be entered or changed by California State PTA. If the information is complete and correct, click Next. If it is incorrect, contact your PTA district for assistance.
  • Go through each screen, saving often. Enter data or click on buttons to build your bylaws.
  • When finished, click Save one final time, then click on Bylaws to generate and download a PDF file of your bylaws. Check your entries at this time.
  • If there’s a DRAFT watermark on the pages, an error or missing information must be corrected. Go through each screen, looking for a red outline on the information boxes. Move your cursor over any box with a red outline for directions to correct the problem.

HOW TO COMPLETE THE PROCESS – Download the PDF file of your bylaws:

  • Review each page and print four (4) double-sided copies of bylaws and four (4) additional, double-sided copies of the signature page. If sending electronically, save pdf copy for submission.
  • Remember to keep a copy of your bylaws for reference. Send three (3) copies and four (4) signature pages plus a completed Bylaws Submittal Form, found in the California State PTA Toolkit online, to your council, if in council, or your district PTA parliamentarian.